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Button Accordions
The Box
Beginner's guide to the Two Row Irish traditional button accordion. Suitable for B/C or C/C# accordions. Tutor covers techniques, reading music and tunes.
Size A4

Quantity:     Book Price     $10 OMB32 bk

Demo CD to go with the book
Quantity:     Demo CD     $10 OSS29 cd

How to Play the B and C Button Accordion DVD
By P.J. Hernon
P.J. takes the beginner, step by step, through a patient and friendly 1hr 30

Price     $15 CW004 dvd

Accordion tutor Learn to Play Irish Button Accordion
taught by John Williams
For the beginner, John teaches you how to hold the accordion and gets you started with your first scales, bass notes, chords and arpeggios. He teaches 5 traditional tunes breaking them into easy-to-learn sections and playing through each one slowly and then moderately. This dvd explains the general logic of diatonic button accordions and the popular two row accordion in B/C tuning specifically. 
Length 70 minutes

Quantity:     Price $25 HL006 dvd        


Buttons and Keys Vol 1
A new Scottish Accordion tutor. These books take you from first steps to such favourites as Mrs MacLeod,  The Rowan Tree and The Mason's Apron.
Sizes A4.   

Quantity:      Vol 1  Book Price     $10  TNT045 bk 

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Mally's Cotswold Morris Tune Book Vol 2 Quantity:     $5 A111 bk
Mally's Cotswold Morris Vol 2 Cassette Quantity:     $5 A111 t
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Mally's North West Morris Cassette Quantity:     $5 A113 t


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