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Fylde Mandolin Family

Fylde Instruments

Fylde have a long tradition for making fine musical instruments. Their Mandolin range of instruments has been developed with the folk musician in mind. Easy to play with fast actions and fine materials these instruments are a pleasure to play and to listen to. They are much sought after by folk musicians.
Celtic Southern Cross is now stocking Fylde Mandolin, Mandolas and Bouzoukis. They come with a hard case and some have a pickup included in the price

  Mandola - front left
The strings provided are tuned to an octave below the mandolin GDAE. The moveable bridge design gives a loud penetrating tone. These high quality instruments have Rosewood back and sides, Spruce tops with Ebony fingerboards and mosaic purfling. Scale length 532mm, width at nut 38mm.

Quantity:      Mandola and case Price $2400 

Bouzouki - back left
This instrument has a guitar style fixed bridge which results in a warm resonant tone, enhanced by the high octave stringing on the two bass strings. It is supplied tuned in GDAE, but can be tuned GDAD. It has Rosewood back and sides, Spruce top with Ebony fingerboard and mosaic purfling. Scale length 629mm, width at nut 38mm.
Quantity:     Bouzouki, pickup and case Price $3000



Kilkelly - Accompanying Irish Music on Guitar book cover   Accompanying Irish Music on Guitar
by Frank Kilkelly
This book offers an introduction to accompanying tunes in four different tunings, using several different right hand approaches. A repertoire of chords is included, along with suggestions about strumming/picking styles suitable for each tuning. The idea is for you to learn the accompaniment as played on the CD. This will increase your chord vocabulary as well as your right hand techniques. Frank is noted for recently accompanying singer Sean Keane and piano accordion player Alan Kelly. A passion for swing jazz and Celtic music has led to an expressive style of playing.

      Book Price     $20   A184 bk

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Brozman Video cover

Hot Guitar Techniques - from Folk to Jazz
As taught by Bob Broznan
Bob Brozman shares his vast knowledge of a half-century of American guitar music while teaching you how to move beyond basic folk style into the worlds of blues, jazz, ragtime and swing. With his dynamic finger picking and deep understanding of traditional styles, Bob gives you the tools to explore your guitar's rhythmic, harmonic and melodic possibilities. 
The first 75 minute video will increase your understanding of chord voicings and inversions up and down the fingerboard. Clear split screen views of each hand enhance the instruction in: music theory, progressions, picking patterns, right and left hand exercises, chord melody, two-hand string damping, harmonics, diminished chords and double time rhythm while learning to play Salty Dog Blues, Jazz'm Blues and Sister Kate.
The second 65 minute video looks at jazz, swing, calypso and Gypsy guitar styles. This video explores: the 32 bar popular song form, chord-melody style, rhythmic exercises, minor key jazz-blues, calypso rhythms and progressions, Django-style chords, Palm harmonics, 'fat' swing chords and Gypsy jazz. The tunes taught include Hot Moments With You, Dear, Blue Devil Blues and Dog and Cat.

Quantity:       2 Video Price     $20 BOB53 2v Special price

Mandolin, Bouzouki

The Irish Bouzouki - Niall O'Callanain and Tommy Walsh
Not just a tutor, this book also provides an introduction to an instrument which is playing an increasing role in the continuous development of Irish music.
Size A4, 48 pages, contains instruction and history.

Quantity:     Book and Tape Price     $20 OP78 bk/tape

 Special includes cassette until stock sold out


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