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Strathspey Players - Past and Present
by William C. Honeyman
First published in 1922, this booklet tells the stories of Niel Gow, Scott Skinner and Peter Milne. The author argues against the dilution of the traditional style of strathspey playing.
Size A6, 51 pages

Quantity:     Booklet Price     $5 HP06 bk

AmericanDeluxe Fiddling Method Cover

   Deluxe Fiddling Method
by Craig Duncan
Craig Duncan guides the fiddler through studies and 49 great American fiddle solos of all the classics in the keys of A, D, C and G. Included is a CD and 80 min DVD
Book size A4, contains 104 pages, 47 tunes with melody lines, chords and instruction for all tunes, and helpful hints.

Quantity:     Book, CD and DVD Price     $30   MB376690 bk/cd/dvd  


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