Duncan Chalmers' welcome song at the 2008 Music Under the Southern Cross

Duncan is a fine singer, has been attending Catherine's keyboards class for several years, and is a great and valued supporter of this Celtic Summer School whether it is in Tasmania or Victoria

Good people pray heed a petition
Your attention we beg and crave
And if you apply to your lessons
An abundance of pastime you'll have

Well Mike he plays concertina
His student is from overseas
And he knows how to push the right buttons
And knows how to squeeze

Scots fiddlers have come for Chris Duncan
And Matthew will help them to play
There are no finer teachers in this country
In Scotland or in Americay

For Irish fiddle there's Adrian
And Leueen to teach you as well
With jigs and reels to delight you
Their tunes are bound to compel

David Alleway is our finest harpist
He arrived here in a truck
The sounds of the harp will delight you
As he knows which strings to pluck

There's trouble in the kitchen
When flautists start to blow
Ben will call them all to order
Then the music will flow

Young Kate is teaching DADGAD
Irish guitar is what it is called
Stretch your fingers over the frets guys
With tunes to keep us enthralled

Kathy's tin whistle class is so popular
They're all here year after year
I wish I'd learn the whistle
Instead of lugging all my gear

Catherine plays very fine piano
And plays white notes and the black
It is hard not to sit in amazement
One reason I keep coming back

There's one more group needing mention
The pipers know how to have fun
Patrick Lyons is their commander
While Damian makes reeds in the sun

Updated 26th April, 2008