Hats were the theme for 2010 Music Under the Southern Cross

  Lachlan and Dylan vying for hat space


  Guy and his IQ hat with Maria looking equally as cluey in her flowerpot hat


Nicole led the singing class in her pirate hat


The fearless leader of the Celtic Summer School in a hat designed by Deloraine artist Jo Imson


Phil's hat is wondering what it has to do to become a monkey hat like Duncan's




The Queenslanders made a feast of hats!


We always wondered why the harp class filled up so quickly


Shirley on the right was one of the reasons we had a hat year, but Guy and Maria outdid us all


  Ruth improvising her sailor hat

Alex and Rosalie - great hat


Angelique from Queensland

  The Piping tutor Patrick in all his colour

Maddy from Queensland asking Lynda why she isn't wearing a hat

  The bear superceded the monkey

Unfortunately I didn't remember to snap all the hats through the week and they were SUPERB. If anyone from the School has any other photos that could grace this gallery of suspects, please send them down to me.