T-shirt fun at the 2008 Music Under the Southern Cross

  Sarah - the winner but I don't have her shirt, sorry


  Guy and his piping associates and accessories









Guy even had a recording of Damien's piping hidden in his shirt, to play as he walked around the dining room. A worthy people's choice








Back of the Lip My Reeds t-shirt


Todd should get royalties for his advertising of the Spooky Men


  Jane, one of the people's choice winners




A scary philosophy from Liz


  Shannon's fabulous contribution


  Ruth wearing her mum's comments








A likely bunch eh?



Kathy's (whistle tutor 4th from right) shirt  was superbly decorated by her class with comments made during the class, but has been declared x-rated.

Unfortunately I didn't remember to snap the t-shirts all through the week and they were SUPERB. If anyone from the School has any other
photos that could grace this gallery of suspects, please send them down to me.

Updated 26 April, 2008